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Music Related Links and Resources

Places to Purchase Our Published Music:

Each of these vendors has harpists on staff to assist you with your purchase.

Michigan Harp Center  This store is especially good for hard to find foreign publications, try emailing Kelly Yousoufian or calling 248-288-HARP.  Kelly is willing to search out particular pieces on her yearly buying trip to France. If you are looking for the music of Bernard Andrès, chances are that she'll have what you want in stock. Kelly was part of the production team for the Andrès Notation Project.
89 West Fourteen Mile Road
Clawson MI 48017 USA

Vanderbilt Music Before music is included in the Vanderbilt catalog it is reviewed by all the harpists on staff. If you want more information before a purchase, ask the person who answered the phone about the music.  email  800-533-7200

Melody's Music and Traditional Harp Shoppe

Melody's catalog includes great descriptions of all the music they carry and sometimes sample pages from publications that you can preview online before purchase.  The staff is always very helpful in answering questions about music or harps.
21626 Gentry Rd
Cypress, TX 77429

Planet Harp
This shop in PA carries music for harps and for guitar as well as instruments and books on harp therapy. 1-800-567-7738

Harp Related Links and Resources

Lyon & Healy Harps
  The first American manufacturer of harps is still considered by many to be the finest harp in the world.

Catherine S. Victorsen - Harpist in St Paul/Minneapolis, MN  
    Available for performances, weddings, recitals, parties and teaching. Visit her website for information about her CD of Christmas music. 

The American Harp Society promotes interest in and knowledge about harps. 

The Enchanted Harp  If you live in or near Puyallup, Washington, there's a good chance that your harp needs can be met here.

Great Lakes Harpers: a midwest regional chapter of The International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen, Inc. (ISFHC)  Their marketplace featured used harps for sale and harps for rent is available on the website to nonmembers. 

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen

Song of the Sea Music: This friendly little shop in Bar Harbor, Maine keeps a long list of resources for musicians along with national lists of teachers and a concert calendar. If you're in the area, it's worth a visit, right on the beautiful coast. You can head from there to Acadia for a lovely day of scenic beauty.

The Harp Connection: You'll find all kinds of things harpists need here. Be sure to visit the sale page. 

Pilgrim Harps: Located in the UK, this is a source for music not readily available in the States as well as FAQ section on the study of harp.

harp.net for Festivals, Summerschools, Irish Harp Organizations, Albums, Magazines and a Harp Bulletin Board.

Jackson Berkey Many choral works including harp, a fantastic new harp concerto and several works for harp and organ are available from Jackson's current catalog. Of particular interest to harpists is the ANNIVERSARY CAROLS, a beautiful and intriguing collection of Christmas carols for SATB chorus with harp accompaniment. For information about other choral works including harp, visit our resource page for choral conductors

Information about harp music's role in healing, pain management, hospice care and other theraputic uses.

General Music Related Links

Concert Design  Truly ergonomic multi-adjustable performance chairs, benches, and stools for all musicians, piano, harp, double bass, cello, guitar, accordion, orchestra stackable chairs, 'gig' stools for all musicians including child bassists and harpists, concert hall, schools, chamber groups, churches, music stand lights, grand and upright piano lamps, conductor's light.

The Library of Congress Performing Arts provides archives of public domain music, information on copyright laws and other information for musicians and music lovers.

Musica Viva: free sheet music All sorts of free music for most instruments may be found here.

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader which you'll need to open the free music posted on this website. contracts we send via emails and a host of other things.

Christians in the Arts

Soli Deo Gloria, Inc. dedicated to preserving, promoting, and enhancing the classical sacred music repertoire.

Edwin T. Childs Composer of extraordinarily beautiful sacred music, available in print and recordings.

Marcia Babler  Fine art paintings, digital photography and mixed media by an award winning Chicago contemporary artist.

David Gauger II  trumpet, conducting, recording

John Weiss   Weiss is recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including the Cover of the Year award from the National Dog Writers Association, U.S. Art magazine’s Artist to Watch as well as the top print of the year honors.

Jackson Berkey  Composer of choral and instrumental music of note. 

Howard Whitaker  Composer, teacher, performing artist. Recent releases include The Plies/Whitaker Project: minor inconvience.  Read a review of this CD here.

Marg Rehnberg, custom art to suit your imagination

Timothy Botts, combining God's word with art through calligraphy.

Arnold Rawls tenor

Philip Webb tenor

Eric Carlson, trombone, Philadelphia Orchestra. Eric can be seen in the movie Music from the Inside Out, a documentary about what makes music great and how great musicians great great music.

Doug Yeo, bass trombone, Boston Symphony Orchestra

Books, websites and articles dealing with the subject of faith and the arts.

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