Using music instead of etudes to increase skills on harp.

"Stay in Shape With Little Effort, Part II"
by Barbara Ann Fackler

"Stay in Shape With Little Effort, Part II" May 17, 2016

Continuing last week's idea that it's possible to use music in your repertoire to stay in shape, look at this teaching piece from Jeannie Kern Chenette. It's simple, approachable and easy on the ears. There's a lot about it that makes it a great teaching piece which makes it have qualities for use to maintain skills.

Look at the opening system: all root position triads, simple left hand. The piece continues in this way for two pages. You'll have to negotiate flipping levers, but there's plenty of time. Once learned, you have a good handle on root position triads and a piece to perform. Many of my beginning adults kept this in their repertoire for years, enjoying the sound of it while maintaing their skills and staying in shape.

What's on your shelf of music that you can use in this way? Everything you learned in etudes occurs in your music. Find music that can help you stay in shape, no matter your skill level at the moment. You might not be ready for the Handel Harp Concerto, but it's likely you've got something you can keep as repertoire with the hidden purpose of staying in shape.