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Common Chords PDF This is a chart of the chords that ocurr naturally in keys commonly used by lever harps. If you are new to reading lead sheets, this reference guide will help you to be sure whether or not the chords you need include accidentals (notes outside the key signature). You can handle accidentals one of two ways: either omit the note or change the lever to accomodate it, remembering to return your harp to the key signature as soon as possible.

Aura Lee Tutorial

Get the PDF here and work through Aura Lee, which you'll recognize from the Elvis hit, Love Me Tender. The lead sheet for this is included in two lead sheet collections: America's Sung Heritage and Double Duty.

Christmas Music Tutorial

free Christmas music lead sheet tutorial PDF This is a tutorial for people new to reading lead sheets. It offers a brief introduction to lead sheets and presumes basic knowledge of note reading, key signatures and time signatures. If you are new to reading lead sheets, grab the Common Chords chart as well.

Three Christmas Lullabies free lead sheet (version 1)PDF The tutorial refers to this lead sheet which contains three Christmas lullabies in lead sheet format (melody and chords). The chords on this lead sheet are all in root position, which is easier for novices. It includes only the lullabies, not the interludes, intro and coda. This sheet music is free to download at no cost.

Three Christmas Lullabies PDF (free harp sheet music) ~ immediate download ~ This full arrangement offers a realization of the three lullaby melodies for those who need a few more ideas to get started. The harmony in the 4th bar of Wiegenlied of this full arrangement is different than version one of the lead sheet, which includes only root position chords. While the tutorial suggests using a four bar phrase as the introduction, interludes and coda, you'll find that this version adds one "extra" measure to one of the interludes than the tutorial suggests. As you work out your own version, remember that the length of the introduction and connecting phrases is subjective. They may be as long or short as you wish and you may decide not to include any at all. Also included is a brief tutorial about inverted chords.

lullabyinversions.pdf This lead sheet matches the chords used in the full arrangement and includes some inversions. It includes only the lullabies, not the interludes, intro and coda. This harp sheet music is downloadable at no cost.

Three Christmas Lullabies (version 3) PDF This is the advanced version fit more tightly on the page creating a 2 page version. No page turns. NEW 12/13/08

Three Christmas Lullabies ~ A harp duo version is available. See the Harp Ensemble page under publications for more information.

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Waves of the Danube/Anniversary Song Lead Sheet Tutorial

Annette Bjorling's solo harp arrangement of the Anniversary Song (sometimes known as the Anniversary Waltz) is the basis for this lead sheet tutorial. Both the solo version and lead sheet were created with lever harp in mind but each works for pedal harp as well. If you are new to reading lead sheets, grab the chord chart at the top of this page.

Waves of Danube lead sheet and tutorial PDF for lever (or pedal) harp

Annette Bjorling's full solo version

Once you've worked through these two examples, you can find more lead sheets here, with a free for immediate, free download.

For the Beauty of the Earth ~ This offers very simple examples of how to add a few chords under the melody line using only three note chords, in root position. You won't always stay with root position chords, but it's an easy shape to identify and find the right chord. Remember, the changes (chord symbols) indicate a root position chord, always named by the bottom note. So in this excercise, notice that the bottom note IS the name of the chord. You'll find the lead sheet here, in another post.

Children of the Heavenly Father ~ This example offers the simplest of options, play the root of each chord only. The root of each chord is also the name of each chord, making reading easier. When played with lovely phrasing, this can be a lovely interpretation of a tune, offering a clear statement of the melody. A full arrangement of this hymn is included in The Sacred Lever Harp, in the same key.You'll find the lead sheet here, in another post.

The Lead Sheet Tutorials by Barbara Ann Fackler are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.