It's not less, it's different.
17 July 2018
by Barbara Ann Fackler

Lever harp isn't less, it's different.

It's not less, it's different.

Once again, my Celtic harp has proved that it's not a lesser instrument, it's unique and interesting as a "real instrument".

When I started harp lessons, my teacher considered lever harps to be student harps, a stepping stone to a "real harp". She didn't have the idea that it held its own possibility and strengths.

I had an inquiry for a 60th anniversary party. My prospective client went to my website and listened to the sound clips. She chose the Celtic harp because she preferred its voice: lighter, more "fun", she said, more in character with what she wanted the party to be like. The pedal harp sounded "too formal" to her.

I encourage you to consider pedal harps and lever harps to be fully capable and interesting instruments. Each offers something the other does not. Both will delight an audience.