Different, Not Better
14 August 2018
by Barbara Ann Fackler

harpist Fairlawn, Ohio also serving Hudon, Stow, Tallmadge, Clinton, Canal Fulton, Wadsworth, Canton

Often, people hold a misguided idea that a pedal harp is the better harp. Those of us who play both kinds of harps know that each has strengths the other lacks.

Years ago, when I decided not to use my pedal harp outdoors anymore, I was surprized when a bride accepted the proposal that I use my lap harp instead of my pedal harp for her wedding. That even went over so well I continued to offer the much smaller harp, 8 lbs. instead of 88 lbs.

Last week I got a call from a long past client who had hired me in Illinois to play for his daughter's wedding. I referred him to a friend in Illinois and assured him she'd do a great job. His response surprized me, and delighted me: "Well, (pause) that could work. (pause) Does she have a small harp like you?"

All these years and this man loved what the small harp brought to the event that he wanted to repeat it again. With the choice of either, he still chooses the small. The lesson for all of us is that while all harps are not equal in their size, voice or strengths, they are equal in their ability to delight the ear.