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Sheet Music for Solo Harp

Ancient Dances, 16th C. lute transcriptions for harp ~ $6.75

Two lute dances, used by Ottorino Resphigi in Suite No. 3 of Ancient Airs and Dances, these versatile pieces make great additions to any repertoire. More information, with sound files and samples here.

Angel Gabriel Variations, traditional chant, arr. Barbara Ann Fackler $5.00

This Advent hymn, is arranged for pedal harp, three pages, pedals are marked, no fingerings. Advanced intermediate.

Be Thou My Vision (Slane) $8.00

This Irish hymn tune is popular in many churches.
Skilling Building music, 6 versions
skills learned: LH octaves, 3 note chords in RH (for the most part)
lever free version
pedals and lever changes marked
start with the easy version, grow into the advanced
more info 11 pages including cover art

listen to a sample from the CD THIS I KNOW

Carol of the Bells $5.50

The source tune for this is based on a Ukrainian New Year's carol, "Shchedryk". It became associated with Christmas with the addition of Christmas words by Peter J. Wilhousky in 1936. The English words are copyrighted but not the music. It's a great addition to repertoire, doing double duty for both Christmas and New Year's events.
pedal changes marked
two preset levers (F# and G# below middle C)
separate parts for pedal harp, lever harp, 22 string harp (C-c)
6 pages of music, each version 2 pages long

Catalan Christmas (Fum, Fum, Fum and El Noi de la Mare) arranged by B.A. Fackler ~ $6.00

This harp solo version is an adaptation of the horn and harp version (alternate string parts soon). Once learned, you should find it "stays in your hands" relatively easily from year to year. Pedals and a few fingerings are marked. Not suitable for lever harp.

Faronell's Ground $3.00

This lovely dance tune from Playford's Dancing Master collection offers a gentle, soothing ground upon which variations are built.
pedal harp version includes pedal changes
two lever harp versions for 22 strings or more: original key(only one C# needed) harps (C-c) and transposed for harps G-g(F# and one G# needed).

Chord changes are also included.
There is a lever preset but no lever changes within.

Flower Duet Song from Lakme (Delibes) $6.00

Now available from Melody's Music for immediate download at purchase for those in a hurry.

lever harp version with lever changes marked
pedal harp version with pedals marked
a few helpful fingerings
listen here and find more information here.

Handel, G. F.

Music of Handel may be found in the section of the website containing collections of music.

Handel, GF, Largo from Xerxes

free immediate download, originally created for Northern Harpsong, Maine's Folk Harp Society chapter
set for lever harp with lever changes marked
no fingerings.
Click here for immediate free download

Harriet's Song, American Spiritual arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $6.00

Harriet's Song is based on GO DOWN MOSES, one of the code songs used by Harriet Tubman as she led fugitive slaves escaping on the Underground railroad.
Separate scores for pedal and lever harps with pedals and lever changes indicated.

Holy, Holy, Holy (NICEA) John B. Dykes ~ arr. Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $5.00/solo ~ $7.00/solo and instrumental parts

Holy, Holy, Holy

Key of D
solo part is 4 pages
Originally only available as part of The Sacred Lever Harp collection of hymns for lever harp, this is now available separately. Intermediate solo, suitable for pedal or lever harp, no accidentals. The recorded version has a little bit of new material not included in this print version.

More information, with samples of music and demo here.

Hosanna, Loud Hosanna (Ellacombe) $3.00

One of my Beginning in the Middle students performed this at her church after just a year of lessons!
Beginning and ending with glissandi, this is a perfect choice for Palm Sunday.

If you can place four notes in a row and find thirds predictably, you should have no problems learning this.
key of C
3 minutes long
suitable for three octave harp, C-c or G-c.
Fingerings are included. 2 pages

listen here (opens in new window)

How Can I Keep From Singing $8.00

How Can I Keep From Singing has had an interesting evolution, beginning as a hymn tune. This haunting melody from the 1860 (Robert Wadsworth Lowry), can be found in two different meters, both included in my arrangement. Eva Cassidy, Enya, Judy Collins, and Bruce Springsteen have also recorded this song.
2 separate PDFs for use on tablets or iPads
pedal harp version is what you'll hear on Pleasantries & Diversions
lever harp version offers the same variations with no key change, key of C to accomodate any tuning
small lever harps, 19 strings, C-g, key of C
Pedals are marked.
You'll need proficiency in LH harmonics (unless you choose to omit that variation).

This is also available as part of the American's Pleasantries & Diversions collection, and in a Pleasantries & Diversions collection for small harps

In This Very Room by Ron and Carol Harris, arranged for pedal and lever harp by Barbara Ann Fackler

This publication is available from Melody's Music and Lyon & Healy West and others.
The pedal harp version is included in the CD THIS I KNOW.

listen here

Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana ~ $3.00

This transcription of the lovely Intermezzo from Mascagni's opera Cavalleria Rusticana may be played on lever or pedal harp. One page in length and sure to please anyone requesting something from opera.

3 versions: one for pedal or 5 octave lever harp, one for 22 strings, C-c and one for 22 strings, G-g. listen to midi file

Irish Fantasia ~ improvisation on Londonderry Air, arr. Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $6.00

Three versions: pedal harp in C minor, lever harp in C minor (three flats) and in B minor (two sharps) to allow for different tunings.

In addition to a more narrow range, requiring fewer strings, the lever harp version has smaller chords.

No accidentals.

Pedal harp – intermediate, lever harp – beginning intermediate

Jesus Loves Me, William Bradbury, arr. Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $5.00/solo ~ $7.00/solo and instrumental parts

Jesus Loves Me

Key of C
2 pages
Originally only available as part of The Sacred Lever Harp collection of hymns for lever harp, this is now available separately. There are a few four note chords, but mostly requires only facility with three note triads and has made a good piece for mastering these chord shapes. Early intermediate. It's important to remember that audiences don't care how difficult your music is to play, they care whether or not it's lovely to the ear.

More information with a video sample here.

Jupiter from the Planets ~ $6.00

Gustav Holst's theme from Jupiter was adapted by Holst as the hymn tune Thaxted, commonly associate with "I Vow to Thee, My Country", Princess Diana's favorite hymn.

This arrangement includes a version in E flat (original key for the Jupiter) and C (original key for the hymn) for three size harps: pedal harp, full size lever harp and small harps of 22 strings and a part for violin or flute.

Also included is a lead sheet in the key of C and the cover art.

This is also included in the Processional collection, Short and Sweet Volume IV. If there are other titles in this collection you want, you'll save money by purchasing the larger collection.
16 pages of music

I Would Love You All the Day arr. Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $8.00

Based on the folk song Over the Hills and Far Away.

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE ~ Included are four versions: pedal harp (as recorded), advanced lever harp (with lever changes marked), lever free harp and a version for wedding processionals.

There are several different versions of lyrics, and in one this is the refrain:
And I would love you all the day,
Every night would kiss and play,
If with me you'd fondly stray
Over the hills and far away

Lenten Hymns

Lenten Hymns available from this website:
O Sacred Head Now Wounded

What Wondrous Love is This

Both are included in The Sacred Lever Harp collection of 14 hymn arrangements.

Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent $5.50

recommended for Beginning in the Middle students

This Skill Building collection includes three versions, beginner (skill building), beginning intermediate and advanced pedal harp. The skill building version includes fingerings, single notes in each hand except for two 6ths in RH. The beginning intermediate version uses open fifths, optional harmonics and scale passages in the accompaniment. The "second and third verses" are nearly the same for the RH as the first verse making this quick to learn for a new student and interesting enough for professionals who don't have much preparation time. The advanced version is for pedal harp only. Nine (9) pages including cover art.

Most first year students learn this and move to the intermediate version the next year.

key of C minor (three flats)

listen to a sample

Morning Song from Peer Gynt (Grieg) $6.00

Grieg's gentle Morning Song adapts easily for pedal or lever harp.

This set of arrangements includes pedal and lever changes and multiple keys, including a lever free version.

There are six versions included: pedal harp, 5 octave lever harp, 22 strings C-c with lever changes, 22 strings G-g with lever changes and 22 strings C-c lever free and 22 strings G-g lever free (ten pages of sheet music).

Hear the pedal harp arrangement in this YouTube video.

Mos Craciun: Romanian Santa Claus Song

listen to a lever harp performance
As published in the Folk Harp Journal, 2011, this is offered as a free harp sheet music download.
This intermediate version suits nearly every harp, including 22 string, C-c as does the simplified version (one verse only).

Noel Nouvelet ~ Fench carol arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $5.00

Arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler

One arrangement is suitable for both pedal and full size lever harp.
Two pages, available only as a PDF.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel (Advent hymn) ~ $5.00

arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler
Suitable for pedal and lever harp, separate parts for each. No accidentals, some fingerings included

Ode to Joy (Beethoven) $6.50

This is a skill builder arrangement for lever or pedal harp. Three versions, each building on skills acquired in the previous leaves new harpists with a many options for performance. Thirty-two (32) pages of music options.

Click here for more information including samples of the sheet music.

O Sacred Head ~ PASSION CHORALE by Hassler ~ arr. Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $5.00/solo or $7.00/solo and parts

O Sacred Head

Requires levers on F, C, and G.
solo part is 2 pages
duration about 2 minutes
Easily adapted for pedal harp.
This arrangement is in the same key as found in most hymnals.

Fits most small harps, with no ledger lines above the treble staff or below the bass clef staff.
Lever changes clearly marked and may be omitted by omitted the notes they alter.
More information here.

Pavane d'Espagne ~ T. Arbeau, from Orchesographie, 1588 ~ $3.00

From T. Arbeau's collection of dance music, "Orchesographie" (1588), this simple pavane makes a nice processional, slow and stately. Embellishments are left to the performer as are dynamics. Two versions are included, one for full size lever or pedal harp and one adapted for 22 strings or fewer. No lever changes, key of C to accomodate any tuning system.
This is also included in a collection of music from Pleasantries & Diversions for small harps.

Promises by Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $6.00

ALL HARPS INTERMEDIATE  based on an a minor ascending scale which is never stated but which holds together each “variation”. Lever harp friendly, with no accidentals, this can be adapted easily for small harps.

Explanation of the title: Promises made bride to groom, parent to child, or God to His people never change, yet never look the same from one day to the next. While not stated in every measure, the foundation of this piece, an a minor ascending scale, never changes. Like a promise faithfully fulfilled, each iteration of the melody is a new interpretation of the promise.

St. Columba (Irish) $6.00

This Irish hymn tune, popular in many churches, is most commonly known as "The King of Love, My Shepherd Is (Psalm 23) or "Breathe On Me, Breath of God (used on Pentecost and at baptisms). This hymn was used at Princess Diana's funeral.

You'll need to be comfortable with 6ths, 5ths and LH octaves. The last verse has LH harmonics that are optional. The set includes: pedal harp, 5 octave lever harp (with full levers), 22 string harps, C-c and G-g as well as two for 26 string harps: one for harps tuned in Eb with full levers and another for harps tuned in C with levers only on F. Cover art is included. 17 pages, one version includes suggested fingerings and one of the texts associated with the tune.

Recommended for Beginning in the Middle students. One version works on a Harpsicle tuned in C, another playable on a Sharpsicle. Save the rest for your next (bigger) harp. This is long enough for use as prelude or offertory.

Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us $3.00

listen to the harp duet version
Mastery of thirds and root position triads are needed to successfully learn this arrangement of a well known hymn by William Bradbury.

If you've worked through the free etudes "Triads in Root Position", you're probably ready for this. Several of my Beginning in the Middle students have learned and performed this in their first year of study. Two versions are included, one in the key of D (fits 3 octave harps G-g) and the key of C for those lacking levers. Approximately 3 minutes long. sample page of sheet music

Silent Night, Holy Night arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler $6.00

This Skill Building Solo includes thee versions: one with very few intervals larger than a third, another that requires mastery of sixths as well (each with two "verses" and an advanced version of three "verses". Sixteen pages of music, seventeen pages total including the cover art.

More information including sample pages and sound files here.

Simple Gifts, Shaker hymn ~ $5.00/solo or $7.00 solo and supplemental parts

Simple Gifts

From the collection, The Sacred Lever Harp, this has been available only with the complete set until now. Available as a solo or with the supplemental parts, the solo becomes part of a duo or trio setting. Useful all year, in many settings, this useful arrangement is easy to keep at the ready. Solo arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler, parts by Daniel Fackler. Originally intended for a small lever harp, this is well suited for any harp. No full score is offered, but measure numbers are included on all parts. To order the entire collection, please visit the Sacred Lever Harp page.

More information here, with video.

The Snow It Melts the Soonest ~ $6.00

Arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler, this English Ballad from the early 1800s is in the key of A minor. One-page version written for 5 types of harps. In 2/2. RH plays single melody, LH plays chords on the beat. Pedals are marked as well as lever presets and lever shifts (2 within the piece). Chord changes are included in all versions.

The melody was printed in Bruce and Stokoe’s Northumbrian Minstrelsy in 1882, which also mentioned its publication in 1821 and noted that the contributor of the song was Thomas Doubleday (1790–1870), who put it to a melody (“My Love is Newly Listed”) learned from a Newcastle street singer. Thomas Doubleday was a radical agitator who often contributed to Blackwood’s.

The singer Anne Briggs first popularized the song in the 1960s and recorded it in 1971. It was later learned by Archie Fisher who passed it on to Dick Gaughan. Gaughan recorded it on his Handful of Earth album, the success of which further popularized the song.

The song was used in the 2008 BBC adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’

Take Time to be Holy (HOLINESS) ~ $5.00

Take Time to Be Holy by George Stebbins, arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler
Two versions are included, each 3 pages long, no accidentals: one for full size lever harp or pedal harp and one for small lever harps the size of a Harpsicle.


You'll need to be comfortable with scale passages (or looking for a good reason to work on this skill) and melody in the left hand (also a great skill to adopt).

This is My Father's World (Terra Beata S.M.D.) $6.00

Students comfortable with LH octaves, RH 6ths, Alberti bass and scale passages can play the long version which is three minutes in length and includes an introduction, three verses and coda that is suitable for any harp, including 3 octave harp, G-c.

The skill building version (no chords larger than two notes) is two pages, with introduction, 2 verses and coda. Suitable for Harpsicles and Sharpsicles, offered in two keys, G (same as pedal harp) and C.

Some fingerings are included. No accidentals.

Three Christmas Lullabies ( free downloadable harp sheet music)

New in 2017: a version of Three Christmas Lullabies for small harps, with a range that fits harps with bottom note of C. click here to download the small harp version

Arranged as part of a tutorial in reading lead sheets for Great Lakes Harpers (sadly disbanded), the local chapter of the International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen, this sheet music for harp solo is available for free, immediate download. It was also published in the Winter 2009 issue of the Folk Harp Journal. No fingerings included, no lever changes. A harp duo arrangement is also available, found in the harp ensemble section of this website.

Three Variants on Kingsfold $6.00

Included are four versions of this setting by Barbara Ann Fackler: pedal harp (as recorded on Pleasantries & Diversions), lever harp (same keys as the pedal version with lever changes indicated), alternate version for lever harp tuned in C and a version for small harps with no lever changes needed for a skill building option.

Click here for more samples and a sound file.

To God Be the Glory $6.00

Now available from Melody's Music for immediate download at purchase for those in a hurry.

This great hymn of 1875 by William H. Doane and Robert Lowry has no pedal or lever changes. The three page arrangement is offered in the key of C to accommodate 26 string harps (C-g)with no lever and the key of G for 26 strings (G-d) with levers. Suitable for pedal harps as well. 6 pages of printable music, no fingerings. chord changes in key of G only, no cover art. Placed on a music stand three across, there are no page turns.

We Three Kings $6.00

Many of my adult students learn and perform the easiest version of this Skill Building Solo in time for Christmas after 5 - 7 months of lessons. The next year they learn the longer version, doubling the length of their solo piece of repertoire.

More information is here.

What Wondrous Love is This ~ traditional American hymn solo alone: $5.00 solo with parts: $7.00

What Wondrous Love is This

From the collection, The Sacred Lever Harp, this has been available only with the complete set until now. Available as a solo or with the supplemental parts, the solo becomes part of a duo or trio setting. Useful all year, but especially during Lent, this makes a nice piece for worship. Solo arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler, parts by Daniel Fackler. Originally intended for a small lever harp, this is well suited for any harp. No full score is offered, but measure numbers are included on all parts.

The supplemental parts include: treble clef C instrument parts suited for flute or violin, with a substitute part for clarinet in Bb and bass clef C parts for cello or bassoon. Either or both may be used to expand the solo.
More info, with video here.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again $3.00

Offered in several versions to suit pedal harp and lever harps, this early American tune has been around since 1863. It is so well associated with American sentiment that Morton Gould used it in his symphonic work, "American Salute"(1943). It can be heard in the film scores of "Gone with the Wind", "Doctor Strangelove", "Stalag 17" and "Die Hard with a Vengence". It is a song of hope and optimism and most people recognize it.

This arrangment includes a separate edition for pedal harp with pedalings marked and three versions for lever harps for 22 string harps (C-c and G-g) as well as different preferences for tuning (C tuning and Eb tuning). Lever changes are clearly marked. No page turns, each arrangement is two pages in length. Click on the sheet music image to the right for a larger view of a sample. Included are the keys of Dm (one flat), Em (one sharp) and Am (all natural). zip archive 232 KB listen to a sample mp3