= What Wondrous Love is This for lever harp solo ~ music from Barbara Ann Fackler The Sacred Lever Harp, sacred solos for lever harp by Barbara Ann Fackler, WHAT WONDROUS LOVE IS THIS

What Wondrous Love is This ~ traditional American hymn solo alone: $5.00 solo with parts: $7.00

Available from Melody's Music in TX folkharp.com

From the collection, The Sacred Lever Harp, this has been available only with the complete set until now. Available as a solo or with the supplemental parts, the solo becomes part of a duo or trio setting. Useful all year, but especially during Lent, this makes a nice piece for worship. Solo arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler, parts by Daniel Fackler. Originally intended for a small lever harp, this is well suited for any harp. No full score is offered, but measure numbers are included on all parts.

The supplemental parts include: treble clef C instrument parts suited for flute or violin, with a substitute part for clarinet in Bb and bass clef C parts for cello or bassoon. Either or both may be used to expand the solo.
This is also available as part of the entire collection of 15 hymn arrangements.