Come, Thou Almighty King ~ music for worship, with specific use during Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter. ~ harp solo or harp duo or harp, violin and cello

Come, Thou Almighty King ~ ITALIAN HYMN ~ $5.00/solo ~ $7.00/solo and instrumental parts

Available from Melody's Music in TX and Harp Column Music.

Come, Thou Almighty King ~ ITALIAN HYMN ~ Arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler, with supplemental parts by Daniel Fackler, is useful throughout the church year and is often found during Christmas season, Holy Week, Easter season, Day of Pentecost and ordinary worship settings. This is also available as part of the collection The Sacred Lever Harp.

The version recorded on This I Know includes extra material to length the arrangement. This was taken from one of the pieces from The Celebration of Love. It is our hope that this option will inspire your creativity as you work with this music and that you will find ways to incorporate your own ideas into your performances.

Key of G, no accidentals, some fingerings included: skills required: RH 6ths, triads,and short scale passages ~ LH, octaves, scales, triads. There's only one four note chord, which can be altered to meet current skill sets.
Performance options include:
harp solo
harp duo ~ second harp part is free on request and includes a reduced size score
harp and treble clef and/or bass clef instrument
piano or organ may substitue for second harp

This hymn is used in the British Commonwealth as a second national anthem and is suited in the UK for civic events as well as worship.

Other hymn texts associated with this tune:
You Who His Temple Throng
Christ for the World We Sing (Trinity Psalter Hymnal, 2018 and Worship and Service Hymnal, 2006)
Lord, Your Amighty Word (One in Faith hymnal, 2015)
Oh Padre, Eterno Dios! (Spanish)
Thou, Whose Almighty Word (The Christian Life Hymnal, 2006)
Shepherd of Tender Youth (Lutheran Service Book, 2006)
The Holy Trinity (same words as Watts, different title in Episcopal hymans)