Christ the Lord Has Risen Today ~ EASTER HYMN ~ $4.50

Christ the Lord Has Risen Today ~ EASTER HYMN, arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler
Two versions, one four times through, clear statement of the theme followed by three variations. The second version is for small harps and is more of a skill building arrangement, fewer notes, just the theme with intro and coda. The intro and coda briefly quote the alleluia section of Angels We Have Heard on High, connecting Christmas to Easter.

The long version approximately 2 min. in length and the short version, with the repeat is about 1 min. in length.

Skills required long version (intermediate): harmonics, placing 4 notes,LH octaves, RH 6ths
Skills required short version (beginning intermediate): placing four notes, some crossing over, RH 6ths
Range of small version: C at bottom of bass clef and C above treble staff. 3 octaves
Long version: 3 pages of music, short version: 1 page of music (with repeat for length).

The recording is the intermediate version. The small harp verson is a simplified version of the first verse.