The Sacred Lever Harp, sacred solos for lever harp by Barbara Ann Fackler, SIMPLE GIFTS

Simple Gifts ~ traditional Shaker hymn solo alone: $5.00 solo with parts: $7.00

Available from Melody's Music in TX

From the collection, The Sacred Lever Harp, this has been available only with the complete set until now. Available as a solo or with the supplemental parts, the solo becomes part of a duo or trio setting. Useful all year, in many settings, this useful arrangement is easy to keep at the ready. Solo arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler, parts by Daniel Fackler. Originally intended for a small lever harp, this is well suited for any harp. No full score is offered, but measure numbers are included on all parts.

The supplemental parts include: treble clef C instrument parts suited for flute or violin, and bass clef C parts for cello or bassoon. Either or both may be used to expand the solo.

The solo is 4 pages in length, each instrumental part is 1 page in length.
This is also available as part of the entire collection of 15 hymn arrangements.