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Short and Sweet

Collections of Sheet Music for Lever Harp and Pedal Harp

Each sheet music collection includes separate versions for pedal and lever harp when necessart.

In some instances, pieces are offered in transposed keys for harps without full levers.

Lever changes are always indicated, pedal changes are sometimes indicated.

This music is laid out to avoid page turns, with most fitting on two pages. A very few need to be placed three pages across the stand to avoid page turns. Own them all, print only the sheet music that you need.

Before purchasing, please download one of our samples to be sure you can print properly. Be sure as well that you can accept a large enough file as an email attachment.

American Lullabies ~ $6.00

Rock-a-Bye Baby and Pretty Little Horses are included in this set. These two titles are also available in America's Pleasantries & Diversions. Be sure to consider that option before purchase in case the other titles appeal to you as well. More information about THIS set of lullabies is available here.

Ancient Dances, 16th C. lute transcriptions for harp ~ $6.75

Two lute dances, used by Ottorino Resphigi in Suite No. 3 of Ancient Airs and Dances, these versatile pieces make great additions to any repertoire. More information, with sound files and samples here.

Short and Sweet Volume I: Lute and Guitar Transcriptions $8.00

Nearly every piece included in this set can be played on all harps, including 22 string harps, C-c or G-g with levers on F, C and B. TWenty (20) pages of music.Click here for more information.

Short and Sweet Volume II: Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach ~ $9.50

Each of these four transcriptions is offered in its original key with transpositions to accommodate the range of small harps and harps without full levers.
Pedal changes are included.
Fingerings are included in 22 pages of sheet music.
More info: click here.

Short and Sweet Volume III: Accessible Solos ~ $7.00

Skill Building Solos, suitable for 22 strings or more, no pedal changes, no lever changes, everthing in key of C.

14 pages, including cover art and bookmarks in the PDF to making printing only what you need easy.

More information with samples of music here.

listen to Sweetheart Waltz (opens in new window)

Short and Sweet Volume IV: Wedding Processionals and Recessionals for harp solo ~ $12.00

Often brides want something that's a little bit different from what they think everyone else uses. These seven pieces offer just that kind of option. 44 pages including cover art. file size: 2.6 MB Click here for more information.

Short and Sweet Volume V: Seasonal Songs ~ $10.00

Four useful harp arrangements for winter: Hymn to Saint Nicholas, Gypsy Christmas Carol, This Endris Night, A Night in Bethlehem, March from the Nutcracker, and The Huron Carol (with practice notes)

More information and sound clips: click here
For another secular song of the season, visit our catalog page for harp sheet music sold as individual titles to find a Romanian Santa Claus song for immediate, free download. Look for a free second harp part for Hymn to Saint Nicholas on the harp ensembles music page.

Short and Sweet Volume VI: Small Lever Free Harp Solos ~ $9.26

This collection of sheet music for small harps includes 8 pieces of varying levels of difficulty, all configured for harps with no levers, like Harpsicles, 22 strings and larger (bottom note of C) tuned in the key of C. You'll find music for weddings, worship and just plain fun included in this versatile set for new harpists. 22 pages, including cover art with book marks in the PDF to making printing only what you need easy. For more information: click here
listen to Wedding Joy, version 1

listen to Wedding Joys, version 2

Short and Sweet Volume VII: Handel, Handel, Handel ~ $6.50

This sheet music collection for harp solo includes nine arrangements of music from Handel's Water Music, The Messiah, Rinaldo, Solomon and the beginning, most recognizable part of the harp concerto. All titles include a version for pedal harp, full size lever harp and small lever harps. See specific list below. Keys of C, F, G, D, B flat, and E flat. 51 pages including cover art with a bookmarks in the PDF to making printing only what you need easy. Pedals and lever changes are marked. Some fingerings included and a few include chord changes (listed below). ~ intermediate level

Save one(Allegro Moderato), all include an arrangement for harps as small as 26 strings. Six fit harps as small as 22 strings (Aria, Concerto, I Know My Redeemer, Loure, Pastoral Symphony and Queen of Sheba) Arrangements assume tuning in E flat. more info

Short and Sweet Volume VIII: A Bit of Baroque ~ $10.50

This sheet music collection for harp solo includes seven arrangements of music from Baroque masters.
Please note that only three fit small harps, with a range of C-c. 30 pages More information here.

Short and Sweet Volume IX: Odd-Ludes ~ $10.00

Now available from Melody's Music for immediate download at purchase for those in a hurry.

seven pieces for pedal or lever harp
with flexible titles: Prelude, Postlude or Meditation
by Barbara Ann Fackler

Each piece grew out of a need for adult students to be able to learn new skills while learning music for their repertoire. Save for Nr. 13, each focuses on one skill needed to increase proficiency. More complete descriptions and information is here.

Short and Sweet Volume X: Little Sketches ~ $10.00

Now available from Melody's Music for immediate download at purchase for those in a hurry.

Little Sketches are all related by their form and harmonic structure. The first was born of a predefined harmonic structure within which the piece took form. Each subsequent Sketch was based on the original theme with the goal of creating a different view of the source in each Sketch. As nine artists would all interpret a subject differently, each Sketch is a different interpretation of the original form. The harmonic structure of each is not identical, but is nearly so. more info here

Listen to Nr. 9 here: YouTube.

Click here to immediately download a free copy of the sheet music for Little Sketch Nr. 1 for harp solo(PDF).

Short and Sweet Volume XI: Chicago Serenade ~ $15.00

Seven movements for lever harp with preset accidentals or pedal harp with pedal changes marked. Intermediate level.
37 pages, separate parts for lever and pedal harp, some fingerings, and program notes.
Approximately 12 min. of music.
more information with samples

Short and Sweet Volume XII: The Celebration of Love ~ $10.00

Now available from Melody's Music and Harp Column Music for immediate download at purchase for those in a hurry.

This set includes five original compositions for use at celebrations, weddings, and anniversaries. Keys of C and G, beginning intermediate level. 12 pages MORE INFO

Read a review on Harp Column Music, where you may also purchase this music.

Short and Sweet Volume XIII: America's Pleasantries & Diversions ~ $11.75

Separate lever/pedal harp parts included for each title

The Banks of the Pleasant Ohio (key of Eb modulating to F)
How Can I Keep From Singing (pedal harp: key of F, to Bb, to Eb) (lever harp: all the key of C)
Hush-a Bye (Rock-a-Bye Baby) (pedal harp and lever harp: key of F, to Bb to Eb)

All the Pretty Little Horses (pedal harp: Cm to Bbm to Abm) (lever harp: Cm to Gm to Dm) >br>
More information here, with sound samples.

Short and Sweet Volume XVII: Pleasantries & Diversions: Small Harp Friendly ~ $11.50

This is friendly to harps the size of a Harpsicle's range and will requires no more than levers on F and C . 22 pages of music, notes, cover and table of contents. More detailed information on this page, including videos and sound files.

How Can I Keep From Singing (shortened, key of C)
I Would Love You All the Day(shortened, key of C)
Simple Gifts (shortened, key of C)
Westphalia Waltz (key of G)
Saltarello (key of D)
Pavane d'Espagne (key of C)
The Snow It Melts the Soonest (key of Am with F# accidental)
All the Pretty Little Horses (shortened, key of D)
Irish Fantasia (key of C)