The music of Bach transcribed for intermediate pedal and lever harp.

Short and Sweet Volume II: Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach $5.00

Each of these four transcriptions is offered in its original key with transpositions to accommodate the range of small harps and harps without full levers. Pedal changes are included. "Wachet Auf" includes lever changes while playing, while the other three have lever presets. Limited fingerings are included in 22 pages of music to print and cover art. See table of contents below.

Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068

pedal harp (in D)
five octave lever harp (in D) click here listen to this version (mp3 of the midi file)
26 string lever harp, G-c (in D)
22 string lever harp, C-c (in D)
26 string lever harp, G-b, (in C for harps without full levers) (click image below for larger view)

Air on a G String,  Bach transcribed for intermediate pedal and lever harp.
Cantata No. 140 “Wachet Auf” (click for more info)

pedal harp (in Eb) listen: mp3 of midi file ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ listen to to a slower version (mp3 of midi file)
lever harp, 23 strings, C-d(in C)
lever harp, 23 strings, G-a (in G)

Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F, third movement click here to listen (mp3 of midi file)
pedal harp (in F)
21 string lever harp C-b (in F)
21 string lever harp, G-a (in G)

Musette from English Suite No. 3
pedal harp (in G)
lever harp (21 strings or larger)

Wachet Auf, Cantata no. 140 (intermediate)

Offered in the original key (Eb) and transposed to the key of C for lever harps (23 strings, C-d or larger), each version includes lever and pedal changes as well as some fingerings. Cannot be performed without the lever changes, but with practice, you'll sail right through them. This is suitable for a wedding processional or recessional. Some congregations use this during early Advent season so it's a great addition to Christmas repertoire.

Wachet auf,  Bach transcribed for intermediate pedal and lever harp.