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recital and contest music for lever harp

Short and Sweet Volume XI: Chicago Serenade ~ $6.50

Seven movements for lever harp with preset accidentals or pedal harp with pedal changes marked. Intermediate level. 37 pages, separate parts for lever and pedal harp, some fingerings, and program notes. Approximately 12 min. of music.

1. Three's a Charm (in honor of the Palmer House)
2. South Side Planxty (in honor of Irish immigrants)
3. To the World (in honor of Lyon & Healy)
4. Triumph (in honor of the birth of the skyscraper)
5. Looking Up (in honor of the first planetarium in the Western Hempishere)
6. Daily-Daley Rag (in honor of two newspapers and two mayors)
7. Krakowiak dla Seweryna (in honor of Polish immigrants)