horn and harp duo: Musikwerke Fackler

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Pleasantries and Diversions

harp solo CD ~ artwork from Coventry Oaks, Firestone Metro Park, Akron Ohio

solo harp, Barbara Ann Fackler

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Pleasantries & Diversions

track list and audio files from PLEASANTRIES & DIVERSIONS:
The Pleasant Ohio

How Can I Keep From Singing ~ sheet music

Wondrous Love ~ sheet music here

Simple Gifts ~ sheet music here

Westphalia Waltz ~ sheet music

I Would Love You All the Day ~ sheet music

Silberjahr-Landler No. 1 ~ sheet music

Silberjahr-Landler No. 2

Silberjahr-Landler No. 3

Silberjahr-Landler No. 4

Greensleeves ~ sheet music here


Pavane d'Espagne ~ sheet music

Italiana ~ sheet music here

Siciliana ~ sheet music here

Three Variants of Kingsfold ~ sheet music here

La Rosa Enflorece

The Snow It Melts the Soonest ~ sheet music

Promises ~ sheet music

Peace ~ written by harpist Laura Fako Utley, arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler

Contemplation ~ written by harpist Laura Fako Utley, arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler

Hush a Bye Baby ~ sheet music here

All the Pretty Little Horses ~ sheet music here

Irish Fantasia ~ sheet music

Liner notes for Pleasantries & Diversions were created after production: download a PDF to print and trim to fit inside your CD case.