American Lullabies ~  sheet music for harp arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler

American Lullabies ~ Rock-a-Bye Baby and All the Pretty Little Horses ~ $6.00

Separate lever/pedal harp parts included for each title ~ 13 pages of music

Hush-a Bye (Rock-a-Bye Baby) (pedal harp and lever harp: key of F, to Bb to Eb)
There are several lever presets, with several during this piece as well.

All the Pretty Little Horses three versions:
pedal harp: Cm to Bbm to Abm
advanced lever harp: Cm to Gm to Dm
intermediate lever harp: key of Cm throughout
Lever changes and pedal changes are indicated in all scores. No fingerings.

duration: Rock a Bye: 2:40 ~ All the Pretty Little Horses: 3:00