Pleasantries & Diversions harp solos by Barbara Ann Fackler, O, THE DEEP, DEEP LOVE

Greensleeves (What Child is This) arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $4.25

As recorded on Pleasantries & Diversions, two versions are included, one for lever harp and one for pedal harp. Pedal and ever changes are indicated, fingering suggestions included.

Greensleeves is the oldest known of English folk songs. It's on broadsides, been the subject of countless variation sets, used as a military march during the English Civil War, became a Christmas carol (What Child is This) in 1865, and makes a great ear-worm. Musicians from Ralph Vaughan Williams to John Coltrane have created their own interpretations.

You'll need facility with arppegios (with crossing over) and four note chords in the pedal harp verison. The lever harp version may be used on pedal harp for those uncomfortable with large chords. Intermediate leve, perhaps advanced intermediate for lever harp because of the number of lever changes. This version offers very similar arrangements for pedal and lever harps, with the main difference in the marking of pedal changes or lever changes for the performer. Both arrangements are in the same key, making it easy to use the same version on all your harps.