Whisper a Prayer ~ sheet music for harp arranged by Barbara Ann Fackler - music for Christian worship

Whisper a Prayer, traditional hymn, arr. Barbara Ann Fackler ~ $5.00/solo ~ $7.00/solo and instrumental parts

available from Melody's Music in TX

Requires levers on F, C, in the key of D.
solo part is 1 page
duration is about 2:30
optional harps 2 and 3 included

Fits most small harps.

Recorded on This I Know by the arranger. This version included extra material to lengthen the arrangement adapted from the Harp 3 part, which is included.

The collection includes optional treble and bass clef parts that allow use as a duet or trio.
All the parts, solo harp, harp 1, harp 2, and the treble and bass parts may be used in any combination.

This is also available as part of the entire collection. Visit this page for information about all 15 hymn arrangements.

harp solo video coming soon, until then, a short audio sample

harp and violin