music for tenor, horn, and harp

Barbara Ann Fackler, harp
Daniel Fackler, horn
Arnold Rawls, tenor

College Church in Wheaton Concert Series
Sunday, 26 March, 2006

4:00 PM

Jehovah, To My Words Give Ear ~ G. F. Händel/ D K Fackler
from Occasional Oratorio
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls, Mr Fackler

from Il Trovatore ~ Giuseppe Verdi/Fackler
Deserto sulla terra
Ah sì, ben mio

from Cavalleria Rusticana
Oh, Lola, bianca come fior di spino ~ Pietro Mascagni
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls

Chants D'Arriere-Saison(1995) ~ Bernard Andrés
I. Andantino
II. Allegro
III. Larghetto
IV. Adagietto
V. Andante
VI. Allegretto
VII. Moderato
Mr and Mrs Fackler

Folk Song Arrangements for High Voice and Harp ~ Benjamin Britten
Lord! I Married Me a Wife
Bonny at Morn
I Was Lonely and Forlorn
David of the White Rock
Bird Scarer's Song
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls

A Simple Song from Mass ~ Leonard Bernstein/ D K Fackler
Psalm Twenty-Three from Chichester Psalms ~ Leonard Bernstein/ D K Fackler
View Me Lord, A Work of Thine ~ Jackson Berkey/ B A Fackler
O For a Heart To Praise My God ~ Edwin Childs (premier)
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls, Mr Fackler