horn and harp concert programs

Musikwerke Fackler Concert Programs

Christmas concert, 2021, home studio and Riverside Alliance church: Musikwerke Fackler

summer concert, outdoor in Kenmore,: Musikwerke Fackler

Christmas concert, July 2021, outdoor in Kenmore, Better Late Than Never as the 2020 concert cancelled due to Covid.: Musikwerke Fackler (Celtic harp and horn)

This and That, outdoors, socially distanced: Musikwerke Fackler +Gail Salvatori (September 2020, Ohio)

Christmas Stories: Musikwerke Fackler (December 2019, Ohio)

This and That: Musikwerke Fackler +Gail Salvatori (September 2019, Ohio)

Carols of Christmas: Musikwerke Fackler (December 2018, Ohio)

Adele's Music Box: Musikwerke Fackler +1 (September 2018, Ohio)

Traditions of Christmas: Musikwerke Fackler (2017, Ohio)

Sounds of the Season: Musikwerke Fackler (2016, Ohio)

Three's a Concert: Musikwerke Fackler +1 (2016, Ohio)

Fools, Money and April Showers: Musikwerke Fackler (April 2016, Ohio)

Songs of the Season: Musikwerke Fackler (2015, NE, Ohio)

Trio Concert: Musikwerke Fackler +1: Gail Salvatori, violin (2015, Akron, Ohio)

Lenten Meditations for Corporate Worship: Musikwerke Fackler and Sarah Holman, mezzo soprano (Illinois)

July 2006: Musikwerke Fackler and Alicia Cordoba Tait, oboe (Chicago, Illinois)

March 2006: Musikwerke Fackler and Blythe Merrifield, mezzo soprano (Wheaton and Chicago, Illinois)

December 2005: Moravian LoveFeast Musikwerke Fackler (Illinois)

Musikwerke Fackler and Arnold Rawls, tenor (Chicago, IL)

Song and Dance, music for horn and harp

birthday house concert (2011, most music selections made by client) (Chicago Illinois)

Harp Solo Programs

There's Always a Story
There's always a story behind the music: why it was written, for whom it was written, what it really celebrates. Explore the story behind music and enjoy familar tunes at the same time.

During the Renaissance era many dance manuals were published for social dancing. The harp is the perfect instrument to show off music from the Terpsichore collection. Playford’s Dancing Master and the Orchesographie of Arbeau.
The Wedding Night (played on Renassiance harp)

"For the Love of Ireland"
Through this program, the story of Irish music is told. Music from the early itinerant harpers to modern Irish music are included, including the popular ballad Danny Boy, lullabies, and traditional dance tunes.

"Love Notes"
This compilation of love songs from classical and popular literature shares music of the great masters of the classical tradition and from folk music, Broadway, Big Band and current hits. Listen to The Way You Look Tonight (mp3) or Silberjahr-Ländler Nr. 2. The program is most often performed on the Renaissance harp.

"Harp Treasures"
The best music in the harp repertoire is that which is composed for harp by harpists. These composers understand the strengths and weaknesses of the harp in a way that showcases its very best. This music sparkles in a way that transcriptions cannot match and includes the history of harp through the ages.

"Musical Thievery"
Musicians constantly rewrite music for instruments other than those the composer originally intended. This program includes many popular transcriptions for harp.
Listen to The Flower Duet Song (from Lakme by Delibes).

"The Musical Side of American History"
When we think of American history, the last thing we think about is music. We remember the dates of important events that shaped our country. We remember the wars fought, discoveries made, the successes and failures that have shaped us as a nation. As these events unfolded, music was present in homes, churches and concert halls. From the beginning of time, music has been a part of every known culture and often it offers insight into history beyond the mere study of events. This program follows American history with the music that would have been heard as history making events were taking place. Listen to Hush a Bye and Simple Gifts (from Pleasantries & Diversions), included in this program.

"Your Hit Parade"
Your Hit Parade ran from 1935 to 1955 on radio and from 1950 to 1959 on TV. This program may be presented as a one hour overview, as a five part series, each highlighting approximately 5 years of Your Hit Parade in detail. Songs include White Christmas, the song that stayed number one on the chart for the most number of weeks and other favorites like Harbor Lights, Love Walked In, Blue Tango, Anniversary Song, Autumn Leaves, The Glory of Love, The Way You Look Tonight, and more. >/p>

"Tour the World"
Every culture throughout the world's history has had its own version of the harp. The harps of ancient Egypt were tall, low pitched instruments while those from Europe were small triangular shapes. This program includes traditional melodies for harp from around the world including Ireland, Germany, England, Wales, Argentina, Cuba, Mexico, France, and others. Learn the characteristics of each country's national music while you tour the world from your seat. Listen to Greensleeves (from England).

"Dancing Fingers"
There are many lovely and catchy dance tunes in both the classical literature and folk music from around the world. Some are traditionally played on the harp while others are easily adapted. Dance forms including the waltz, landler, hornpipe, jig, habenera, joropo, pavane, sicilienne, and others fill the air for an hour of music. Audiences go home feeling like they've been dancing themselves. Listen to Westphalia Waltz (mp3) which is also included on the CD, Pleasantries & Diversions.

"Sacred Harp"
J.S. Bach held that "The aim and final reason of all music should be nothing else but the Glory of God and the refreshment of the Spirit." Since the days of King David, the harp has been used for worship. This program presents a selection of favorite hymns such as Simple Gifts, Amazing Grace How Can I Keep From Singing, Jesus Loves Me, Wondrous Love, and Holy, Holy, Holy (mp3 demo) arranged especially for harp solo.

"Winter Holiday"
December seems to contain more celebrations than any other month. “Winter Holiday” brings the celebratory music of December together in an hour of music sure to please everyone. Drawing music from countries all over the globe, we’ll see how other cultures celebrate winter, New Year, Christmas and Hannukah along with other seasonal music including classical selections, popular folk songs and some from the Hit Parade. Listen to Still, Still, Still, a German carol and to The Snow It Melts the Soonest (from Pleasantries & Diversions), both included in this program.

"Thoughts of Spring"
Whether you schedule this program to welcome spring or to ward off the doldrums of winter, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Classical and popular music includes many references to spring flowers and weather and we’ll sample everything from Vivaldi’s Spring to April Showers as we celebrate all the elements of spring together through music.

“The Seasons"
There are many illusions to the change of seasons in music. From Louis Armstrong’s hit, A Wonderful World to movie themes, folk tunes and classical music there’s something for everyone as we celebrate summer, fall, winter and spring together.

Songs of America"
Songs of America brings familiar and not so familiar music together in a way that leaves audiences humming. A clever combination of history and music, this program is sure to interest the history buff and those who love music. America's musicians have sung about geography, politics, hopes, dreams, patriotism and more. Listen to Simple Gifts, a true American classic Shaker tune (mp3)