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 A list of choral works  including harp may be found here.

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Aldema, Gil     Al Kol Eileh (1993)
    SATB, piano, horn
    Hebrew:  Al Hdvash ve'al ha'okets

Alexander, Elizabeth  Shelter This Candle
    SATB choir, oboe, horn, harp and cello - 12 minutes
    Seafarer Press

Bancks, Jacob  Alleluia for womens’ choir, harp, and two horns (2002)
8 minutes.

Basler, Paul   Amor Que Une Con el Amor Gradisimo
     SATB, baritone solo, piano, horn

Basler, Paul   Missa Kenya
    SATB)(with Tenor Solo) Opt. French Horn and Percussion Parts

Basler, Paul   Songs of Faith
    individual titles:
    Be Thou My Vision
    Ubi Caritas
    Psalm 150
    Psalm 23

Bernstein, Leonard  The Firstborn (1958)
    SATB, 3 sets of hand drums, horn, clarinet

Brahms, Johannes  Four Songs Op. 17
        Women's voices, 2 horns, harp      
        The score is available free under the GNU FDL license from the above link.

Caillat, Stéphane  Les brouillards de Noël
    SATB & Horn
    Heugel & Cie, 1968

Chilcott, Bob   Song
    soprano or tenor solo, SATB chorus, piano, and horn
    The horn part is printed in the vocal score.
    Oxford University Press

Childs, David The Lord is My Shepherd

Childs, David Set Me As a Seal Upon Your Heart
    SATB, horn, piano

Clausen, René  Communion
    SATB, French horn, harp, organ
    Fostco Music Press ; Champaign, IL : Sole selling agent, Mark Foster Music Co., ©1991
Cooman, Carson In the Midst of Wild Being (Op. 745) (2007) for chorus, horn, and harp
Commissioned by the King's Chapel Concert Series, Heinrich Christensen, director, and Choral Arts New England in memory of Daniel Pinkham (1923-2006)
SATB Chorus, Horn, and Harp
  I. The Garden
  II. The Sea
  III. The Forest
Texts by Elizabeth Kirschner
Commissioned by King's Chapel and Choral Arts New England

Cooper, William Ave Maria
    SATB, violin, horn in F, piano
    There's a sample score and mp3 on the website which says that instrumental parts are optional.

Courtney, Craig   One Faith, One Hope, One Lord

Courtney, Craig  Coronation

Dello Jollio, Norman   The Mystic Trumpeter
    choir and horn

Dello Jollio, Norman   Psalm of Peace
    SATB, trumpet, horn, organ  
    New York: E. B. Marks Music (listed as permanently out of print)

De Pue, Wallace  Annabel Lee by E.A. Poe,
    TTBB/French horn

Galbreath, Ken Give Thanks, Sing Praise (Psalm 92)

Ganea, Nicodim "Pastoralia"
    SATB & Soloist, Baritone & Horn in F
    Duration: 4 min.
    Bucharest: Romania: Muzicala, 1969 [in Coruri] Ref.: Nr 343]

Goublier, Gustave "L'angélus de la Mer
    (2 mixed voices) Soloists: Mezzo soprano / Baritone & Horn
    [Pub. Paris: France: Enoch & Cie Ref.: 7034; 4 p.]

Hamilton, David  Alleluia
    TB, horn, organ
    SULASOL, Finland (S642)

Hamilton, David  Prayer of a Woman
    SSA choir, harp, two horns

Hamilton, David  The Moon is Silently Singing
    double choir and two horns
    Walton Music HL08501530

Hayden-Gilbert, Charles Robert When A Packet Hits A Pocket (1998)
    Flute, French Horn, Strings and SATB Chorus

Holme, B.A.K. Nativity Hymn
    SATB, horn

Holmes, Brian  Pie Jesus
    SSA and solo horn
     Santa Barbara Music Publishing

Holmes, Brian  Ploughing on Sunday
    SA, horn, piano

Hugill, Robert "Memorare" (1995)
    ("My God Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me" - "The Dead Poet" - "I Am A Worm" - "Memorare") 
    SSAATTBB & Horn Duration: 15 min.
    London: Great Britain: Spherical Editions, 2003

Libby, Larsen  Sweet and Sour Nursery Rhymes (set of three songs)  9 minutes
    choir and horn

Kesselman, Lee American Voices
    SATB, horn, piano

Klug, Johann (arr. Jay Hilfiger)  Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your World
    SATB and horn
    Wehr's Music House 2003

Mackenzie, A.C.  Hark! 'Tis the Horn of the Hunter
    SATB, 2 horns

Maddox, Richard Peter   Carols of Cant and Wont
    SATB, piano, horn

Maw, John Nicholas (1935-2009) The Ruin    
    double SSAATTBB chorus and solo horn (1980)
    30 minutes
    This piece has been called "virtuosic and brooding".
    available from Boosey & Hawkes

Mendelssohn Abschied com Walde  op. 59, no. 3
secular, Romantic
Stuttgart: Germany; Carus-Verlang

Moore, J. David Sonnet 104
    (words by William Shakespeare)
    SATB, horn

Morley, Thomas Now is the month of Maying
SSATB (5 mixed voices) & Horn Duration: 2 min.
Pub. Stuttgart: Germany: Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.204/20

Mulholland, James  Heart, We Will Forget Him
    SSAA or TTBB, horn, piano

Mulholland, James  If Love Should Count You Worthy

Nance, Richard  Set Me as a Seal
    SATB or SSAA, piano, horn
    Walton Music

Nelson, Brad  O Sacred River
    SATB, Organ, Horn
    Concordia Publishing House

Nelson, Brad  Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming
    SATB, Organ, Horn

Perosi, Lorenzo "La Passione di Cristo secundo Marco"
nbsp;   SATB & Soprano or Tenoror Alto or Bass Soloist(s) & Horn , Organ
    Milano: Italy: G. Ricordi & Co. Ref.: 101642

Perosi, Lorenzo "La resurrezione di Cristo"
    Soprano or Tenor or Alto or Bass soloist(s) & Horn, Organ
sp;   G. Ricordi & Co. Ref.: 101642

Read, Gardener  An Auvergne Lullaby
    SATB, optional horn, harp or piano
    Canyon Press, 1968

Reiners, Paul The Oxen
    SATB, horn in F
    Sibelius or PDF, mp3 available on website

Revels My Lord, What a Morning!
    SSA with oboe, 2 trombones or horn and trombone

Sarsany, Tim  God Is our Strength
    TTBB is published by Lawson-Gould
    SATB from composer

Silcher, Friedrich "Der kühle Maien
    Secular, Romantic & Horn
    Pub. Stuttgart: Germany:Carus-Verlag Ref.: CV 40.230/40

Shewan, Stephen Light
    SATB, 2 percussion, piano, horn

Thompson, Waddy  Embrace the Grace
    SATB and French horn (2008)
    Published on the Sibelius website.

Wallach, Joelle Why the Caged Bird Sings
     two-part treble choir, French horn and piano or strings
    E. C. Schirmer

Watson, Scott  Be My Hands and Feet
SATB piano, optional horn and clarinet

Wessman, Harri  Water Under Snow Is Weary ("Vesi väsyy lumen alle")
    SSAA chorus, flute, piano and strings, performed on several occasions with
    French horn (instead of flute), and piano (no strings)
    Edition Fazer/Walton