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music for violin and lever or pedal harp

Six Pieces by B.A. Fackler $9.00
lever or pedal harp and violin (or viola or cello)

Also known as "Delightful Dance Duets"

Thanks to Mary Radspinner and John Gill for the new title: Delightful Dance Duets for Harp and Bowed Instrument (2020).

available from Melody's Music as Delightful Dances for Harp and Bowed Instrument

Short, original works originally intended for lever harp, with lever presets only (indicated in score), no changes within.

Pedal harp will need to move pedals (versions with pedals marked is included).

Alternate parts are included for viola and cello.

Intermediate level.

Great for solo and ensemble contest, recitals, and more.

Audiences have declared this music "delightful".
Samples of the sheet music are below the videos.

Tango 1

Tango 2


Round Dance

Lament in Canon