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Christmas in the Desert, John Henry Hopkins, traditional Chaldean arranged by B.A. Fackler     $4.00    pedal harp (or piano) and viola (or horn)
        This 3+ min. arrangement combines We Three Kings by American composer John Henry Hopkins with the traditional Chaldean hymn Shuha d-Maryam.  Includes score and part, no bowings. Pedals are marked. Suitable for piano or pedal harp, NOT for lever harp. Intermediate. Delivered in a folder with a separate PDF for score and part to make use on an iPad or Tablet easier.  Includes an alternate solo part for horn in F. Score is 6 pages.

We Three Kings viola solo sheet music     We Three Kings - Shuha d-Maryam for viola and piano sheet music

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing  Nettleton   arr. by B.A. Fackler       $3.50   (harp and viola or cello)
        From Wyeth’s Re­pository of Sacred Music of 1813, this hymn tune is still in use in many churches. Our arrangement includes a brief quote from Lobe den Herren, commonly known as Praise to the Lord. Viola  or cello may be substituted for horn (parts included).  Piano may substitute for harp. Full score, 4 pages, with practical page turns for harpists. Pianists should play harmonics where written. Cover art included. Duration: 3'
hymn for viola and harp or piano

Il Est Ne French Carol, arranged by D.K. and B.A. Fackler  $3.50
(harp and violin, viola or cello or French horn) listen to mp3 of midi file    
            This happy carol is short in duration but long on interest and is suitable for pedal harp or full size lever harp. Additional parts are included to allow substitution of the horn with viola or cello or violin. Piano may substitute for harp. Duration: 1'40"Cover art included.  sample page

Carol of the Bells Ukrainian carol,
arranged by D.K. and B.A. Fackler      
(harp and violin, viola or flute)
Pedal harp, full size lever harp or 22 string harps (C-c) and violin or viola or flute listen to mp3 of midi file

       The original text to this was for the new year celebration. The English words, added later, changed it to a Christmas carol. In the key of A minor, there are pedal and lever changes (marked). Three versions of the harp part are included: pedal harp, 5 octave lever harp and 22 string lever harp (C-c).  You'll need levers for F and G. sample 22 string lever harp page   sample large lever harp page

Bell Carol for lever harp and violin or flute or viola   Ukrainian Bell Carol - 22 string harp and violin or flute

Joys of Spring Waltz
by Adam Geibel arranged by D.K. Fackler             
$ 6.50   (violin, viola and harp)
            Our original instrumentation of oboe, horn and harp was for a concert program where the audience was not used to "formal, buttoned up concerts". During Geibel's lifetime, parlor music was very popular and within that genre, “waltz-songs” became a staple. The Joys of Spring Waltz is typical of this form and was published by Geibel in several versions, piano solo, chamber ensemble, women’s trio and piano/vocal.  This version includes full score/harp (or piano) and horn (with substitute part for viola) and oboe (with substitute parts for flute, violin, or Bb clarinet). Cover art included.  Duration: 5'~
Full score shows horn in F as solo instrument. 
 Waltz for viola and harp

Nutcracker Ballet: Arabian Dance (Coffee)  by Tchaikovsky, arranged by D.K. Fackler    $4.00   
        For violin (or flute) and harp, this is the entire dance from the Nutcracker ballet. Suitable for pedal or lever harp or piano.  The PDFs arrive in a folder, ready for printing or easy installation on an iPad or Tablet.
Arabian Dance for flute and harp

Nutcracker Ballet: Pas de Deux  by Tchaikovsky/D.K. Fackler  $5.00    pedal harp and violin (or flute)
    For violin or flute and harp, delivered in a folder for printing or loading on an iPad.
Pas de Deux from Nutcracker for violin solo

Nutcracker Ballet: Spanish Dance (Chocolate)  by Tchaikovsky, arranged by D.K. Fackler    $4.00
        This is the entire dance from the Nutcracker ballet. Suitable for pedal or lever harp or piano and violin (or flute).  Delivered by email in a folder ready for printing or use on an iPad.
Spanish Dance from Nutcracker flute and harp

Best Deal - Nutcracker violin/flute bundle
(all three Nutcracker titles)  $10.00

Saltarello by Vincenzo Galilei
          ~ notated for easy lever or pedal harp and violin, or viola ~ Free, immediate download, click links below. No bowings are marked.

Saltarello: violin   
Saltarello: viola   
free sheet music for harp and viola

Silent Night, Holy
Night  Night Franz Grüber, arr. by D.K. and B. A. Fackler
                                (harp and violin or viola or cello)

    More than 3 min. in length, this arrangement includes three times through the source tune, once the solo part stating the theme followed by improvisational variations. Intermediate level for both strings and harp, suitable for solo and ensemble contest.
listen to midi generated sample of the end

Silent NIght viola solo or cello solo or violin solo

Six Pieces by B.A. Fackler    $6.00
                            lever or pedal harp and violin (or viola or cello)

    Short, original works originally intended for lever harp, with lever presets only (indicated in score), no changes within. Pedal harp will need to move pedals (versions with pedals marked is included). Alternate parts are included for viola and cello.  There are no lever changes within each piece. Intermediate level. Great for solo and ensemble contest, recitals, and more. Audiences have declared this music "delightful".

sound files: Tango I   Tango II   Consolation   Round Dance   Lament in Canon   Exultation  

violin and lever harp solo and ensemble music   viola solo and ensemble sheet music      cello solo and ensemble music    lever harp and violin sheet music intermediate    Six Pieces for harp and violin   lever harp and cello                  lever harp and violin or viola sheet music

Still, Still, Still traditional German carol arr. by D.K. and B.A. Fackler    $4.00 
                                   (harp and viola or harp and cello)
        Our arrangement combines "Still, Still, Still" with another German carol, "Ihr Kinderlein kommet". The harp part is suitable for pedal or full size lever harp (in Bb with no lever changes). Additional parts are included to allow substitution of the horn with viola or celloCover art included.    Duration:          sample page

music in print:

The Sacred Lever Harp and supplemental parts by D.K. and B.A. Fackler

violin, cello and harp sheet music       When the supplemental parts are added to the harp solo arrangements you have 15 hymn arrangements of well-known hymns for harp, violin(or flute) and cello.  The hymns are in or very near the original keys so that use as vocal accompaniment is possible.   Piano may be substituted for harp.

Both books are available from your favorite harp music dealer or from us. 
solo collection $13.95 plus shipping
supplemental parts $9.95 (includes separate part for each instrument) plus shipping
There's more information on our "music in stores" page.  We don't have many of these left and are unsure if we'll republish in hard copy format. This collection may transfer to digital sales only.

highly recommended:

Christmas Meditations for Viola or Cello or Violin and Harp (or Piano)  by Gail Salvatori available now as a digital publication    Visit Gail's website for more information.  

Christmas Meditations arranged for two violins and harp  by Gail Salvatori   
Visit Gail's website for more information.  Hear samples on the CD page for this music. 
viola or cello and harp sheet music

This lovely set of Christmas arrangements brings fresh interpretations to old favorites. Students and professionals alike will find them a welcome addition to their Christmas  repertoire.  All but two work for lever harp as well as pedal harp with no alterations.  Intermediate level, easy to learn, quick to put together, this is great ensemble music.

Coventry Carol, Infant Lowly, Joy to the World, Rocking,  In The Bleak Midwinter(mp3), Pat-a-Pan,  Of the Father’s  Love Begotten (mp3), Whence Comes This Rush of Wings?, The  Savior of the World is Born (mp3).
    Visit Gail's website for more information.  
                                   Information about the CD here.

NOTE: Joy to the World, In the Bleak Midwinter,Trip to Sligo/Pat-a-Pan, and The Saviour of the World can be played on lever harp very easily.
Intermezzo by Johannes Brahms for harp and viola arranged by Eric Carlson
CECMUSIC.COM, look for the harp page.

free music for viola, violin and cello

Cradle Song for Violin and Piano, H.96 (Bridge, Frank)
    originally for violin or cello, D. K. Fackler offers a part for viola as a free download (PDF)
    This work is in the public domain.

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