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pedal, lever, 22 string

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sheet music of Handel's compositions arranged for pedal harps and lever harps:

Handel Concerto, Messiah, Rinaldo, Queen of Sheba March, Water Music

Short and Sweet Volume VII: Handel, Handel, Handel    $6.50
       22 string lever harp music  

Handel sheet music for pedal harp or lever free harp     Handel Concerto for lever harp 1st movement
This sheet music collection for harp solo includes nine arrangements of music from Handel's Water Music, The Messiah, Rinaldo, Solomon and the beginning, most recognizable part of the harp concerto. All titles include a version for pedal harp, full size lever harp and small lever harps. See specific list below. Keys of C, F, G, D, B flat,  and E flat.  51 pages including cover art with a bookmarks in the  PDF to making printing only what you need easy. Template for your personalised table of contents is shown to the right. Pedals and lever changes are marked. Some fingerings included and a few include chord changes (listed below).

 intermediate level, click image to left to see table of contents

NEWLY ADDED: Handel Concerto in a lever free, pedal free version for 5 octave lever harps or small pedal harps for those not ready for accidentals.

RECENTLY CORRECTED: the last measure in the Handel Aria should have a dotted half note. In early versions, this was incorrectly notated as a half note (one beat short). (January 2012)

        Water Music: Allegro Moderato, Loure, Entree (includes chord changes) (D Suite) Listen: Entree midi generated file
        Rinaldo: Aria  LISTEN: midi generated sample
        Harp Concerto (includes lever free versions for small harps and pedal harp) listen: mp3 of midi file for the pedal harp version
        Messiah:  I Know My Redeemer Lives (with chord changes), Pastoral Symphony and He Shall Feed His Flocks
        Solomon: Queen of Sheba (with chord changes)  LISTEN: midi generated sample

Save one(Allegro Moderato), all include an arrangement for harps as small as 26 strings. Six fit harps as small as 22 strings (Aria, Concerto, I Know My Redeemer, Loure, Pastoral Symphony and Queen of Sheba) Arrangements assume tuning in E flat.
The PDF includes a table of contents in the form of "bookmarks". Click the bookmarks tab and you can navigate through the collection and print only the pages you need at the time. Each arrangement is in the original key where possible. The images below offer samples from some, but not all the arrangements.

Handel Allegro Moderato from Water Music for harp: processional and recessional music for weddingsAria from Rinaldo for harp soloAria from Rinaldo for lever harps: full size or therapy harps: digital sheet music for harpistsHandel Harp Music: excerpt for wedding recessional musicHandel Harp Concerto sheet music lever/pedal harpsHandel Harp Concerto - first movement excerpt for wedding recessionals and processionals: lever and pedal markings includedHandel: Entree from Water Music: processional or recessional wedding music for harpistsAdvent music for harp: sheet music: Handel He Shall Feed His FlockLouree from Water Music: great wedding music, church prelude, solo musicMessiah: Pastoral Symphony for pedal harp: music for ChristmasMessiah: Pastoral Symphony for lever harpI Know My Redeemer Lives: from Handel's Messiah arranged for pedal and lever harp by Barbara FacklerMessiah: I Know That My Redeemer Liveth for lever harp solo: sheet music for download as email attachmentQueen of Sheba for harp