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A Guide to Harp Notation Used in the Compositions of Bernard Andrès by Barbara Ann Fackler and Isabelle Perrin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.   Français   Deutsch    Español        

(last updated 6/15/10)

A Guide to Harp Notation Used in the Compositions of Bernard Andrès (PDF click to download)

link to the German translation    

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Compiled and translated by Isabelle Perrin and Barbara Fackler with the intention that this collection be shared freely among harpists at no cost. It should never be offered for sale. Many of these effects may be indicated in more than one manner. The words and/or symbols may be used together or independently of each other. All effects using a tuning key refer to a wooden handle with a metal shaft.

Because we do not guess at rhythm, notes, dynamics or tempi, we encourage our fellow harpists to treat these new and unique notations with the same care as is given to other elements of music. We encourage harpists not to guess, but execute them as intended.

Some of the effects cataloged here may be heard on the recording Bernard Andrès played by Isabelle Perrin. Hortensia 3003842 ARC 321.

Editing assistance was generously provided by Joanne Glover, Delaine Fedson, and Thea Hansen. Graphics and webpage design by Augie Fackler. Demonstrations filmed by Kelly Yousoufian. Digital video editing by Dane Wester.

A complete list of the descriptions of 42 Andrès notations can be downloaded by clicking here or on the title at the top of this page. This list is in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this document. If you don't have this (free) program, click here.

There should be a version of the Notation Guide in German soon. (6/15/10).

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Example Movies

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#6   Pincé or Sons Pincés (13.7 mb) 

#17  Effleurer les cordes avec la paume (32.8 mb)

#18  Faire claquer la(ou les) corde(s) indiquées (7.9 mb)

#26  Frapper la table avec le doigt qui joue la note (5.5 mb)

#27  [mg: sur la table accrocher un diapason sur le 1er sol filé]  (8.4 mb)

#30  Étouffer en suivant le fer de la clé (10.5 mb)

#35  Frappe les cordes (4.5 mb)