Short Cuts Volume IV: Songs of America  

This collection of lead sheets includes history notes about each song as well as alternate versions for lever harp and pedal harps, taking into consideration harps without full levers. With this collection you'll always have plenty of music for American holidays and plenty of options for a themed program about our great country, including a bit of history for program notes. With few exceptions, all are playable on lever harps of all sizes.  

Keys have been chosen with several things in mind: keys available to C and Eb tunings for lever harps, the range of therapy harps and singing range. Very often when I perform these I hear people singing or humming along so a good singing range is included for all these titles. If the original key was F, moving the piece to the key of C moves it out of the singing range for most people.  Alternate keys are suggested only if the singable key is out of the range of your harp.

zip file: 5.4 MB, 127 pages of printable music
American sheet music for harp

sample of program notes (from Aura Lee)
program notes: American music

Titles include:

America the Beautiful  - pedal harp & lever harp versions, key of C
American Lullabies - keys of C, F, G and Eb
    All the Pretty Little Horses  
    Rock-a-Bye Baby  
listen to an arrangement from the CD Pleasantries & Diversions created from this lead sheet mp3
    Hush, Little Baby
    Dance to Your Daddy
    Bye Bye Bunting
    Now the Day is Done
Auralee - keys of G and F   get the free tutorial on lever shifting based on this tune
The Battle Hymn of the Republic - key of C, G, Bb
The Banks of the Pleasant Ohio - keys of C, Eb and G
Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster) - key of Eb (original) and C (lever harp)
Because (Helen Guy) (pedal only)
Black is the Color of my True Love's Hair - keys of Am, Cm, Em
Careless Love - keys of F,  C, G
Chester - keys of G, F

Cowboy Songs
    Round Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
- keys of C and D
    Cowboy's Dream - keys of F and G
    The Streets of Laredo
- keys of F and G
     Home on the Range- keys of F and G
Christmas Hornpipe - keys of C, Bb and D
Daisy Bell (Henry Dacre) - keys of Eb and G
Dixie - keys of C, D and Eb
The Entertainer (Scott Joplin) in C, with separate editions for pedal and lever harps
Go Down Moses - key of Am and Gm
Good Night Ladies - keys of G and C
Goodnight,  Irene
- keys of G and C
Hail Columbia- keys of F and G
Home Sweet Home - keys of  Eb, F and G
House of the Rising Sun - keys of Cm, Dm and Fm
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen - keys of D and C
I Love You Truly - keys of C, G and F
Jenny Lind Polka - keys of D and C
Lincoln and Liberty - keys of D, G, and C
Marine's Hymn
Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis  - in Bb and C
My Country 'Tis of Thee - keys of F and G
Old Folks at Home (Stephen Foster) keys of D, C and Eb
On Top of Old Smokey - keys of C and Eb
Pontchartrain - keys of Eb, G and F
The Rosary - pedal harp only
Round Her Neck She Wore a Yellow Ribbon - keys of C, G, and Eb
Shenandoah - keys of C and Eb
The Sidewalks of New York - keys of C, F and G
Simple Gifts - keys of C and Eb    
listen to an arrangement included in the Sacred Lever Harp created from this lead sheet mp3
Sometimes I Feel Like  a Motherless Child _ key of Am, Em and Gm
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - keys of C, Bb and F
Wabash Cannon Ball - keys of C, G, and Eb
The Wayfaring Stranger - keys of  Cm, Em, and Am
When Johnny Comes Marching Home - keys of Dm, Bm, and Gm   listen to an arrangement created from this lead sheet mp3 of the midi file
While Strolling Through the Park One Day - pedal harp only
Wondrous Love - in C dorian and Eb dorian (all naturals or three flats)    
listen to an arrangement from The Sacred Lever Harp created from this lead sheet mp3
Yankee Doodle - keys of C, G, and Eb
Yankee Doodle Dandy (George M. Cohan) - keys of Bb (pedal harp) and C (lever)
Yellow Rose of Texas - keys of Cand Eb
You're a Grand Old Flag
(George M. Cohan)- keys of G (pedal harp)  and (lever)

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