Arnold Rawls, tenor  
Daniel Fackler, horn
Barbara Fackler, harp


Jehovah, To My Words Give Ear                                                               G. F. Händel/ D K Fackler
    from Occasional Oratorio
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls, Mr Fackler

from Il Trovatore                                                                                           Giuseppe Verdi/Fackler
    Deserto sulla terra 
    Ah sì, ben mio

from Cavalleria Rusticana
    Oh, Lola, bianca come fior di spino                                                            Pietro Mascagni
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls

Chants D'Arriere-Saison(1995)                                                                        Bernard Andrés
    I. Andantino
    II. Allegro
    III. Larghetto
    IV. Adagietto
    V. Andante
    VI. Allegretto
    VII. Moderato
Mr and Mrs Fackler

Folk Song Arrangements for High Voice and Harp                                       Benjamin Britten
    Lord! I Married Me a Wife
    Bonny at Morn
    I Was Lonely and Forlorn
    David of the White Rock
    Bird Scarer's Song
Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls

A Simple Song from Mass                                                                         Leonard Bernstein/  D K Fackler
Psalm Twenty-Three from Chichester Psalms                                            Leonard Bernstein/ D K Fackler
View Me Lord, A Work of Thine                                                              Jackson Berkey/ B A Fackler
O For a Heart To Praise My God                                                               Edwin Childs

Mrs Fackler, Dr Rawls, Mr Fackler

Music arranged by Daniel and/or Barbara Fackler may be purchased from Pretty Quick Music.