Sarah Holman, mezzo soprano
Daniel Fackler, horn
Barbara Fackler, harp

11 March 2007

Christ Community Church
Wheaton, IL

Lenten Meditations for Corporate Worship


Concitato on Hyfrydol    arr. Fackler
        horn and harp


Meditation: Ephesians 1:3-6  

Spirit of God   arr. Bach/Fackler
        horn and harp

Nocturno für Horn und Harfe     Franz Strauss
        horn and harp

Witness time for Congregation

Meditation: Ephesians 1:7-8, 11a, 12

Andante Sostenuto    N.C. Bochsa
        horn and harp

Redeemed, What a Wonderful Day!   arr. Fackler
    harp solo

View Me Lord, a Work of Thine    Jackson Berkey/Fackler
    horn, harp, and mezzo soprano
        View Me Lord, A Work of Thine
         ~Thomas Campion

        View Me, Lord, A Work of Thine;
        Shall I then lie drown'd in night?
        Might Thy grace in me but shine,
        I should seem made all of light.

        Worldly joys like shadows fade,
        When the heav'nly light appears;
        But the cov'nants Thou has made,
        Endless, know nor days, nor years.

        In Thy word, Lord, is my trust;
        To Thy mercies fast I fly;
        Though I am but clay and dust,
        Yet Thy grace can lift me high.

Solo pour Cor avec Accompagnement de Harpe                    Francois-Adrien Boieldieu 
        horn and harp

The Song of the Leaves of Life and the Water of Life                      R. Vaughan-Williams/Fackler                   
         horn, harp, and mezzo soprano
        Unto him that overcometh shall be given of the tree of Life
        which is in the midst of the Paradise of God.
        On either side of the river groweth the Tree of Life,
        the Leaves of the Tree are for thy healing.
        In the midst of that fair City flows the river of Water of Life clear as crystal.
        Who so will, let him take of the Water of Life freely.
        Who so drinketh of this water shall never thirst.
        Take thou the Leaves of the Tree of Life.
        So shalt thou enter in through the Gates of the City.


Meditation: Eph.1:15-17

Like a River Glorious                         arr. Dana Everson,  adapted Fackler
        horn and harp

Prayers of the people

Romance in F Major for horn Op. 36                        Camille Saint-Saëns  
        horn and harp

Meditation: Eph.5:1-2

Final Lenten meditation:

Passion Chorale                                 J.S. Bach, arr. Stephen Bulla, adapted Fackler
        horn and harp
Closing song: I Will Sing the Wondrous Story 


Postlude: Thine is the Glory                 G.F. Handel, arr. Stephen Bulla, adapted Fackler
        horn and harp

Music arranged by Daniel and/or Barbara Fackler may be purchased from Pretty Quick Music.